The Complete Collection (09/22/2001 - 09/15/2009)

This is version 1.00 of the Illusiat package. Originally written in 2004, some updates were made in 2013. It includes all the Illusiat RPG series (except Illusiat 4, which was completely lost in 2002, with no way to restart from scratch). Note that due to the fact that I translated all those games from french to english in less than 5 days the english you will see in the game is a little broken and there may be some spelling mistakes. I advise you, if you speak french I suggest you play the original french version. They are much better, altough they can take a little more space. However, Illusiat 13, along with the OS 1.15+ version of Illusiat 6 and the TI-81 version of Illusiat, are only available in English, while the Illusiat 2004 remakes are only in French.

Late in 2004, The Reign of Legends series made success at as well as The Legend of Zelda: Dark Link Quest. However, you might not know it, but The Reign of Legends series is not the first one from Omnimaga. With this package, you can now experience the series that introduced the world of Omnimaga: Illusiat! Here is the chronology of the serie: Click on one of the logos below to view how to install a game.

Released: September 2001 (TI-81 remake in 2008)
Illusiat was a derivative of my very first BASIC game ever: Labyrinte des Illusions, finished in late august 2001. This game set the dungeon graphic standard for Illusiat 1, 2 and 3. Battle were menu-based and there was a lot of ERR:MEMORY while playing. One month later I optimized so it run faster and added graphics in battles as well as cool animations. I released the new version as Labyrinthe des Illusions 2. Then its name changed to Illusiat and I finally added the long intro. Besides the Illusiat 2004 package, which included remakes of the first 4 Illusiat RPGs, a TI-81 remake of the first game came out in 2008.

Released: October 2001
Illusiat 2 is an enhanced version of Illusiat. Dungeons and graphics are exactly the same, but the second half of the intro changed, monsters are easier but can now poison you and bosses can cast a powerful spell before dying. Also there is a world map and after beating dungeon 1 you can go directly to the final battle or beat the second dungeon as many time as you want (yes side-quest were alerady here in Illusiat 2).

Released: October 2001
As my BASIC skills was improving, I though it was time to add more RPG elements in my game as well as different dungeons. The most obvious one I added in Illusiat 3 is leveling up (duh). Now after gaining some experience your LV and stats increased. It was still in its infancy and had one bug: when gaining too much experience points you only got one LV but when you looked in the stat menu you could notice that you have more experience than need to achieve the next level, forcing you to do a minimum of 98 battles to reach level 99, but it wasn't big problem. Now there was not only one magic like in Illusiat 1 and 2, as you level up you could get up to 6 magic spell. The game was also longer and there was more different graphics but there was no story yet. You didn't need to finish any dungeon of the game to reach the final boss, altough beating him at LV 1 would not be a big deal :).

Released: January 2002
Illusiat 4 is probably the best looking (graphicaly) RPG in the Illusiat serie. It featured many things not avaliable in any Illusiat games like interacting with NPCs and riding an airship. It also featured semi-active time battles and fixed the bug with leveling up. It's also the first game of the serie featuring a story. It has one funny fact: I released it the very first day of the year 2002. I finished it around two hours before the new year then the next day I fixed the bugs :). A good game in general, too bad I lost it a few months after making it. Now I have to restart drawing these beautiful graphics from scratch :( .

Released: June 2002 (Calc version Jan 2003)
Uh what happened between january and june 2002??? Well, I was programming an incredibly huge 3D RPG (Illusiat 2002) and once I installed MirageOS to have lowercase letters then ran the game through MOS it vanished with a Mem Cleared. Too bad, it would have been one of the best TI-RPG ever (weighing at more than 50 KB of arc memory on the 83+ with 20 hours of gameplay). I apologize after what happened with Illusiat 2002 I didn't felt like programming for a while :p. Now back on-topic, Illusiat 5 isn't really a RPG. You are in a base and you must find items to exit it (much like in Myst on the PC). Talking about PC, Illusiat 5 WAS for the PC (in Visual Basic). In January 2003 I released the calculator version.

Released: June 2002 (Nemesiat re-release in November 2003)
Finally a map engine (my so beloved map engine I used for two years :)), setting a graphic standard for Illusiat 6, 7, 9, 10 and 11. It was not perfect but it improved a lot from this game to Reign of Legends 3. Illusiat 6 was featuring huge dungeon map taking almost no space (767 kb per 64x96 maps), a town where you could (finally) buy items and restore your health at the inn. The story was non-linear and there was a cool event at the beginning of the game. Nemesiat is an English, 83/82 Stats compatible re-release of the game, which also runs on 83+ OS 1.15 or higher, unlike the original.

Released: July 2002
Illusiat 7 was sometimes linear and sometimes non-linear but it featured a story divided into 3 chapters (which since january 2003 are automaticaly archived) stored in archive memory. All the features in Illusiat 6 was in this 7th game but it was now invloving a LV up system unique to Illusiat 7 and Illusiat 8. At each level up you were prompted to raise the stat that you want so you could make your character as a mage, a warrior or whatever you want. Talking about characters, at the beginning of the game you had to choose between 4 characters, which start with different stats. This game was also featuring something at the end of the game like in Super Metroid after beating the final boss... oops enough said :p. Anyway enjoy this long game. Note about the subtitle: GWAF word have been made using the first letter of the four element. However it posed a problem in english because I ended with EWWF (Earth-Wind-Water-Fire) so I changed Earth for ground and Water for aqua so it make GWAF. In the french version it's TAEF (Terre-Air-Eau-Feu).

Released: July 2002
Illusiat 8 may act as a prelude to Reign of Legends magic system and inspirated from the one in Final Fantasy VIII. Magic was consumable like items and you could buy it at shops. The story was less linear and the dungeon was not looking like those in the other Illusiats. Beside that this is in this game where the status aliments in battles added spice in battles for the last time in the serie. Also altough your stats were rising like in the other RPGs you were still able to add some bonus to custom your character.

Released: August 2002
Illusiat 9 was not only my idea, but also the idea of my brother. After I made Illusiat 8 he thinked about making a new one. He decided of the Item/magic/bosses names and some other stuff. I personnally think that Illusiat 9 was a good attempt at making a good game. Featuring a big and complex story (the game didn't even fit in RAM) divided into 4 chapters (which since january 2003 are automaticaly archived) different than the classic "find 4 crystals to save the world", I was now saftisfied of how Illusiat was improving (unlike Illusiat 8 failed attempt). Despite of a few display bugs and battles commands still using TI-OS menus, some bosses were incredibly big and/or awesome to fight. Check it.

Released: September 2002
Illusiat 10 didn't showed much improvement, but some map engine bugs were fixed (including the annoying one with a blank screen when getting a fight where an event occurs) and the battle system was a little different. It was fully realtime and you had to chosse between 7 commands showed as icons at the bottom of the screen to fight. It wasn't a great idea (for BASIC) but it was still cool, especially graphics. Also it was probably the best story in the Illusiat serie filled with cool short cinematic sequences.

Released: October 2002 (Kin Master Quest re-release in September 2006)
Ok, I know this is not FFTOM, The Reign of Legends 3 and The Verdante Forest (graphicaly), but I think that Illusiat 11 is THE Illusiat to be played. It is just my opinion, but I think that I'm not the only one who said that at school. When I released Illusiat 11 at my hi-school in October 2002, all my friends and some people I don't even know came to see me to get this game so it became an instant hit. Even The Reign of Legends 1, Mana Force 2, Mystique and Illusiat 12 didn't even beat it! Now let's try to find why it was so popular. First of all I will say there is not any improment in graphics, except for all the bugfixes and some cool magic animations so I don't think it's because of that. However, it features 6 weapons and 6 armors, a cool story like in Illusiat 9 and 10, challenging bosses and many hours of gameplay (I beat it in 15 hours even if I know all the secrets) so maybe it's because of that. But Illusiat 11 also feature a quite challenging side-quest to do during the whole adventure (check the hotels and Inns :)) and something that most TI-RPG didn't have at that time: as you level up you could get battle commands you could equip to your character! I guess people liked it because of the amount of various features. Just try it and see. Maybe I am wrong :p. (An harder version called Kin Master Quest came out in September 2006, but was only published a year later)

Released: December 2002
Illusiat 12 is the game that originally ended the Illusiat series in December 2002, until it was rebooted with Illusiat 13 in 2009. The story was a bit more simple than in Illusiat 10 and 11 (you were a black mage who had to save the world from a comet crash) and there was no armor and abilities to equip but it is THE largest RPG in the history of calculator (an average of 35 hours of gameplay). Weighing at 78 KB of memory on a 83+, it had to be divided into 10 chapters you archive/unarchive as you play and to avoid memory problems there is only two save slots instead of three. It also featured comeback to some places you alerady visited, better looking ASCII graphics (dungeons are more 3d-esque), better magic animations, 15 swords (you had to forge your sword with orbs you find after beating a boss to increase its power), 9 magic spells (+4 only usable by monsters) and 8 items. Also when leaving a dungeon there was no TI-OS menu promting you to choose a new dungeon (except villages) so you were travelling in an incredibly huge land. Not to forget that you could see the area name in the game menu. Also due to the fact that the game was incredibly long, I knew that you could easily get to LV 99 soon and I didn't wanted you to fight hundred of monsters to raise your levels by 1 so once you find some special items, you could increase the HP limit to 99999, the MP limit to 9999 (very hard to find), damage limit to 99999 and the LV limit to 255 (I have trouble beating the final boss at LV 205 :p) so you could increase your stats at a reasonable rate. Enjoy the last completed game of the serie.

Released: September 2009 (Unfinished)
Illusiat 13 is a massive RPG (Role-Playing Game) where you must explore new areas to find clues to advance in your journey. On your way you encounter monsters you must defeat. Battles are 1 vs 1. As you fight, you get stronger and earn gold dropped from enemies. Once you get strong enough your level increase and your statistics increases. With the gold, you can eventually buy items to help you in battles. You also find special items that eventually become helpful in your quest. In this game, you control Noardy, an Illusian mage who is sent to Earth by the Illusian Command Center (the ICC) to investigate about some mysterious stuff that are occuring in the space, which happens to have affected the orbit of either Illusiat, Earth or both planets, and why the Earth Command Center (ECC) is no longer responding. You will slowly discover that the fate of both planets lies in your hands and that over 20 hours of quests and challenges are awaiting for you! Please note that game is not finished, though. It is 90% complete. Everything works, except the final dungeon is barely done and one side quest is still missing from the game. You will also require over 130 KB of archive memory and all your RAM to play.

Released: November 2003
Illusiat 2004 is a bundle of remakes of the first four games in the Illusiat series. The remake of Illusiat 4 that it contains is the only version of that game still available today. Initially, this package was not going to include Illusiat 4 right away: A 3-game bundle would come out, then the Illusiat 4 remake would only get added once the original version of it is re-created from scratch the released, but the latter finally never happened and Illusiat 2004 finally included all 4 game remakes 2 months later. The remakes used Illusiat 12 map and battle engines, with the aid of ASM libraries used in The Reign of Legends 2. In addition to that, there were in-game enhancments such as more magic spells and extended storyline. An English version of Illusiat 2004, named Illusiat 2004-R, went into development in 2010, but it was ultimately cancelled. This is the French version.

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